In the last few months I have completely changed my diet.  I have went gluten and dairy free as the research I have undertaken this year points out that this is the more healthy way to be in terms of the nutrition you put into your body.  I have to say that the first 5/6 weeks were tough, especially going without bread, as like alcohol these days, it seems to be everywhere and in most of the menus and foods we like to eat.  However over time your taste buds will change and for me anyway along with many others, I am starting to feel a lot stronger for it.

I would encourage all of you to have a look at dairy produce in more detail and do your own research into it.  There is now lots of evidence to say that there are a number of things in dairy produce that can make you unhealthy.  Not only that but dairy is now connected to many chronic illness, MS being one of them.  So for me anyway, and my children, we are now dairy free.

The other interesting piece of information I have found in the last few months is this link between Cows milk and multiple sclerosis.  When I first stumbled upon this, I was genuinely shocked as I have always been brought up to believe that milk was good for you and it made your bones stronger.  Unfortunately just like carrots can make your eyesight stronger, the whole milk myth for me has been exposed.  Lets look at some facts;

There has been long-standing opinion that cow’s milk consumption has a role to play in the development of MS. The dairy MS link has been strongly supported by a number of researchers who found a very high correlation between cow’s milk consumption and MS all around the world. Laboratory work from Germany and Canada now provides a possible explanation of why this may be so.  A number of cow’s milk proteins have been shown to be targeted by the immune cells of people with MS. Further injecting them into experimental animals has caused lesions to appear in the central nervous system of the animals. The cow's milk MS link is further reinforced by the finding that certain proteins in cow’s milk mimic part of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein, the part of myelin thought to initiate the autoimmune reaction in MS.

Not only is it likely that there is a strong dairy MS link, but there seems to be a link to diabetes as well, with similar suggestions now being made for cow’s milk being involved in its development. Indeed, medical researchers are now so concerned about this that a worldwide study has begun in which children are being kept off cow’s milk to see whether diabetes can be prevented. Another very important study into the degenerative neurological disorder Parkinson’s Disease found that people who consumed more dairy products had 2-3 times the risk of getting the disease. This result is very likely to be correct as it involved over 135,000 men and women in the US, and used stringent methods for collecting data on food consumption. The researchers speculated that dairy products may have a generally toxic effect on nervous tissue.

The evidence about a dairy MS link is still not conclusive, but is highly suggestive and is strong enough for many people with MS to drop all cow’s milk products. Fortunately there are some very good alternatives, such as soy yoghurt.

I feel that people should make their own choices around the food they and their children consume.  However in relation to cows milk I certainly advise caution and for me and my family anyway, wewont be touching the stuff again. 


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