Yesterday morning around 200 hardy souls arrived in a small little village in Co. Antrim to compete in a sprint triathlon.  The weather all week in N Ireland has been great, but true to form it broke yesterday, with rain and light winds returning.  However the weather didn't dampen the spirits as I have come to learn of late, triathlon events bring an incredible buzz and excitement to all those who compete and also the supporters who come along to spectate.  The sprint triathlon comprises a 750metre open water swim, 12 mile bike race and 3mile run - all one after the other with no rest in between.  Yesterdays event was great, very competitive and a superb bunch of athletes all running against themselves trying to push their bodies as hard a s possible.  This is one of the reasons why I have embraced the sport as there are no hiding places.  Its you in the water against the water, your on the bike going as hard as you can against all the elements, and you finish with a run, just to finish you off.  Yet again I was inspired throughout yesterdays event by my fellow competitors.  I have come to learn that triathlons attract all types of people, big and small, young and old, which really spurs me on.

The swim I found difficult yesterday as I found it hard to get any form of relaxed stroke going and the bike was equally tough due to the hilly nature of the course.  The running is my strong point and I relaxed into it well finishing the course with a new personal best (PB) of 1hour 27minutes.  I was delighted as I took 5 minutes of my previous PB two weeks previous.

In the last few months I have immersed myself in research to try and work out how I can continue to reverse my multiple sclerosis condition and allow my body to keep healing itself.  Its very clear that my exercise program has been one of my main weapons against the illness.  My research has brought me around the world, speaking to many people and also studying their stories and its no coincidence that exercise appears in every one of the successful healing stories I come across.  Whether you suffer from obesity, heart disease, depression, drug addition, multiple sclerosis, cancer  - all the evidence points towards exercise helping you not only deal with your condition but also directly helping your body fight it and repair itself.

This is incredible and although its 2014 and the world is very connected now with computers and access to information, it still amazes me the amount of people who don't get this.  It is no coincidence in my view that as people struggle more and more to deal with the demands of modern living, things like exercise and time out to yourself are becoming less of a priority.  My own view is that this is one of the main catalysts for illness as stress in the body continues to build, aided by poor western diets and nutritional intake.

I try and encourage everyone I meet to bring a little exercise into their day, and I have noticed in the last few years that in some quarters it appears to be getting more popular as the world becomes sicker.  Exercise is free and there are many ways you can incorporate it into your routine.  A 10 minute walk in the evening is a great start.  A 10 metre walk if you struggle to walk is equally as good.  If in a wheelchair, there are a number of programs that will allow you to get involved in an exercise program.  Its all about reversing your biochemistry and training your brain to heal itself.  Its very powerful.

I am currently reading Deepak Chopra's book #Quantum Healing.  In this book he talks about the power of body and mind combination and its ability to start the healing process within your body.  He refers to lots of examples where people were given only a few months to live in some cases, as illness ravaged their bodies, however with a specific unconventional approach when they next visited their GP the illness has disappeared - Incredible!!

I would encourage all to have a look at this.

I am off now for a 12 mile cool down on the bike after yesterdays exertions, so have a great day and keep moving.


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