This week is a pretty important week in my life and for the length of time I am alive will always be the case.  Its my wedding anniversary, my birthday and also the anniversary of my MS diagnosis.  This week I am living with MS eight years.  As the saying goes - time flies and certainly looking back over the past eight years they have went by very quickly.  All sorts of thoughts are running through my head at present in relation to my MS challenge and my life.  I remember so many times between 2006 - 2009 when I was really struggling to work it all out, I never thought I was capable of getting better.  I remember saying to myself so many times "I just want to feel normal even for one day".  In the first four years of the illness, those normal days never came by as my illness took control of my body and my mind.  It was a desperately dark hole I was in.

For anyone who has read my book, you will know the story but suffice to say I am in a different place now.  Yesterday I completed my third triathlon in the last five weeks.  It was the Lough Neagh TRI and I competed along with 400 other competitors.  Some may say that it's sort of magical and miraculous that I am in this position 8 years into MS, but on reflection its not overly.  Around 2010, things started to change.  I made a decision that I was going to fight back.  I changed my mind, my diet and started to exercise again.  Just a little in the earlier days, but over the weeks and months ahead I started to build it up.  I have stuck at this over the last four years and my body has continued to heal itself.

You see in life I have learned to play the percentage game.  I take the view that if I live a clean healthy life then the MS will find it difficult to develop in my body.  This is what has happened.  In three weeks time I will be competing in my first Olympic Triathlon in my home City of Belfast.  This will be a big challenge, and as long as I get out of Belfast Lough alive I am confident of finishing.

So yes this is a big week for me and I will be doing lots of reflecting on many things.  I hope even one person who is sick and is reading this makes a decision.  Make a decision like I did that you will get better again.  Then play the percentage game and believe it to be possible.  What the mind believes the body can achieve.

#LifeChanges #AttitudeIsEverything

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