Stop the world and let me off..... Have you ever felt like this? Let you into a secret, i have quite a few times of late, but as we all know its not possible.  The world keeps turning and the stresses, challenges, opportunities, etc keep coming day after day.  Life can be very stressful in this day and age as we all lead very busy lives, however most would agree its now more important than ever we look after ourselves.  We only have one body and personally I am now extremely committed to making sure that I am as strong and healthy as possible so I can lead as good a life as possible. One where my body and mind will be ready for the many challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.  

I have the pleasure of meeting lots of people through my work.  I love being around people, studying their mannerisms and although some people think some animals are crazy creatures my own vew is that humans are on another level.  We are all unique, have different ideas on various matters and completely varying ways in how we deal with matters day to day.  It amazes me.  One thing I have noticed of late is sickness is becoming the norm.  Lots of people are falling sick and huge numbers now reporting poor mental health and are getting treated for this mainly through antidepressants that is turning us into a nation of zombies.  Mental health problems is a curse for mankind and I feel very strongly that all of us are now responsible to raise awareness of this, and try and understand the problem a little better and more importantly, the solutions..

I am not a doctor but let me give you one tip.  Exercise is free and I would encourage all of you to try and get 20 minutes in every day.  There is tonnes of medical research as to the benefits of exercise and how it can improve lots of things but in particular your mental health.  For me exercise has been a game changer in managing my Multiple Sclerosis and now i am training for an hour most days of the week and continue to reverse my MS - Its incredible really, and I have no notion of stopping. Why would I?

Hopefully this year more people become aware of their health, start to eat more nutritional food and embrace a more positive way of living.  This combination is powerful.


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