Sunday evening has arrived and another week passes like a flash.  Theres no doubt about it, time seems to go a lot quicker as you get a little older.

Earlier this morning I ventured into mass, to try and relax for an hour and it was probably the best hour I've spent in the last week.  With all the hustle and bustle of life in this day and age, its become nearly impossible to switch off.  This mornings visit to my local chapel was my way of doing this.

Todays sermon was very interesting and the question to come out of it was "how much more can you give?" - The priest set the context referring to a GAA game he attended last weekend that after 60 minutes ended in a draw and then after another 20 minutes of extra time, Cushendall had just about got their noses in front, winning by a point.  He commented that after 80 minutes of 30+ men emptying the tank, they had nothing more to give.  He remarked of the passion and commitment on show and it was clear at the end of the game that all of the players had nothing more to give.  He blended this analysis with the gospel of today and reached out then to the congregation asking how much more all of us can give.  He asked did we ever question ourselves in this regard and/or ever stand back and see how or if we could all do a little bit more.

Now I know that many people are not religious, and thats fine, however the context and message out of todays sermon did strike a chord with me.  Im pretty sure that if each of us asked ourselves some real questions around how we conduct ourselves, how we apply ourselves to our work, our relationships, our family etc...i'm pretty sure the vast majority of us could give a little bit more across the board.  It certainly got me thinking.  

So this week there is definitely a few areas that I can up the ante on and put a little bit more effort into as opposed to going through the motions and taking things for granted. 

If your reading this, then why not try it yourself.  I think its a very worthwhile exercise.  Ask yourself the question - How much more can I give? 


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