I have been slightly perplexed of late around the subject matter and discussions on radio and TV around health and wellbeing.  In the last few years huge numbers of people have contacted me to share their own journeys in life and most are now in a program of rehabilitation and recovery which in many cases involves a blend of eating a little better and exercising if and when they can. Its crazy that nearly two thirds of adults in Ireland over the age of 30 are now classified as obese.  Just think of the strain this will have on our public services and more importantly the poor quality of life for those affected.  What is most frustrating is that even though its 2015, and there appears to be more interest in exercising and eating better, the message is still not getting through to the masses.

This problem entrenched in society can be sorted in some way by education, and it has to start with our children.  Children are very resilient and love routine like us all.  If you get them eating and drinking right from a young age, the statistics say its more likely they will be better for it later in life and remember to stick to the good habits they picked up in their tender years.  

Since January i have met a number of people who are dabbling in exercise but would be keen to do some more but struggle with the motivation.  Its a Tuesday night and your gear is sitting on the bed and your nearly ready to go but the temptation of finding out "who killed Lucy" wrecks your plans and you decide instead to resort to the sofa with a cuppa and chocolate biscuit (or 3).  

I say to everyone i come into contact with, if you want to get into a routine and exercise more and be more disciplined in general, then you need some form of goal.  The goal has to be realistic and achievable, but this will help you stick to your program and start to move more.  

Wellbeing is a way of life.  Don't be like me and many others whereby you wait to you get really sick before you change your life and the way you live.  DO IT TONIGHT, TOMORROW - pick a goal and then work out a wee plan, stick to it and see where it gets you.  Its a great feeling.  If 20% of the population started to move more and eat better, wouldn't it make so much difference to the world we live in and more importantly you as a person would be so much more productive at work and home, and feel so much better for it.

So just do it and stick with it.  The rewards are worth the effort.  No matter what your goal is remember you are lapping everyone who chooses to stay on the couch.



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