2015 :: THE TIME IS NOW . . .


We are already a quarter of the way through 2015 and this weekend starts the official beginning of summer with the clocks to go forward in just a few hours time.  This morning i was awoken by a tweet I received by a lady from the USA.  She was tweeting me to tell me that she had just got a copy of my book,  loved it, and couldn't put it down.  Those who know me are aware I'm quite tough, but when i get messages from complete strangers like this its truly overwhelming and empowering - a great feeling. I was on line tonight and this month my book went to USA, Australia, different countries in Europe, the UK and Ireland.  Its amazing really that my journey continues to help people believe they can overcome illness and start to fight back.

So today started well and it continued to get better as i went out for my weekly long run with my pal Gerry.  We ran for 3 hours and talked about everything we could think of, which is a great way to pass the time.  Training on your own is tough and I would encourage you to find a training partner or friend whom you can share the experience with - its much easier.

In just over 6 months time I will be an IRONMAN, yes you hear me correctly.  Quite a thought and to be honest its a little surreal.  I never dreamed i would be able to even consider this challenge even a year ago, but with continued mental training, willpower and determination, you can achieve even your wildest dreams.  

This year is my year and now is the time for me to step it up and continue to reverse my Multiple Sclerosis and hopefully help a lot more people along the way.  I have 6 events in the next few months which will get me in the right condition to tackle and complete the Ironman event in Majorca in September.

Next week i will be announcing my training program and also launching my fundraising campaign.  For the last few years I have passed on fundraising for different reasons, but now is the time to put my shoulder to the wheel and raise as much money as i can for the fantastic MS Society.

If you are interested in my journey and want to get in touch, I'm fairly accessible through social networks, so please do.

I am absolutely passionate about encouraging people to exercise and eat the right food.  Its incredible what an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet leads to - its very simple... Illness...!!  Don't be like me and wait to you get sick, before you embrace a healthier lifestyle.  Make the choice and decision TODAY.

Life is all about choices - It's important you make more good ones than bad ones..... 


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