This past few months I have been lucky with my health.  My MS has been under control, i have been eating healthy, and my exercise program has been going to plan.  In two weeks time i start the first of my six events I have lined up over the next twenty weeks, by running the Belfast marathon. I hope to be at the start line.

Two weeks ago I picked up the flu.  Its been going around and even though i get the flu jab this year, my doc told me there are over 260 different flu's so you can still pick up some form of the virus.  At the weekend the flu started to throw other unflu like symptoms at me, and what i know is it was a resurfacing of my MS symptoms.  What really kicked this off was on Sunday evening i was taking my nightly injection at 11pm and a few minutes later i took a herbal tablet that helps you recover from the flu.  The tablet i took was Echinacea, and like probably a lot of people i failed to read the instructions.  Had i had taken a few minutes to do this first, i would have read that it was not advisable to take the herb if you suffer from MS or any form of neurological problem.  Anyhow the next 6 hours proved very uncomfortable as i experienced serious vertigo and nausea which was concerning.  I spoke with my doc the next day and he advised that the herb is strong and it should leave my body within 24 hours.  The problem is this has brought on a small relapse and flare up old MS symptoms.  When my MS was active i experienced a lot of sensory problems with throat issues, head pressure, pins and needles and l'hermittes electrical shocks randomly occurring around my chest area - frightening enough experience.  

The problem with MS is its very unpredictable and one day you can be fine and the next it can wipe you out. I have been very fortunate in the last five years as i have continued to get stronger and with my program i have been able to reverse my MS, however from time to time i get a reminder of the potential ferociousness of the condition.  

So hopefully this phase passes quickly and i can get back out training next week, as i want to make the starting line at Belfast on Monday 4th May 2015 with my pal Gerry.  I think i will be ok, and hopefully if i can get good rest, good food into me and keep the mindset strong, i will be there and get round in one piece.  

#Attitude Is Everything #LifeChanges #Against All Odds 

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