Belfast - home and hosed !

Today i completed my 5th marathon in the last four years.  Anyone who has completed the 26.2 miles will tell you that it's a mighty challenge by anyones book, and today was no different.  There are no hiding places in a marathon.  Its quite simple actually.  You either do the training and stick to a schedule or you tip about, doing what you can to just get by.  I myself was going well up to about 3 weeks ago when i got wiped out with the flu and a flare up of my MS symptoms.  Accordingly I have net been able to train properly in the last few weeks, and today i suffered the consequences.  

The race started well and we got a great day for the event which makes a big difference to the race.  I was going rightly up to mile 17, then i started to struggle.  For the next 9 mile coming into Belfast, my legs were cramping up and my speed was reducing.  It was very tough and a few times i was down to almost walking pace.  Coming into the Ormeau Road picked me up with the crowd and spurring all of the competitors on.  I crossed the finish line over 4 hours, time to be confirmed tomorrow, and i was absolutely wrecked. Over the next few hours i ate anything that was put in front of me and I started to slowly come round to myself.  It was definitely the toughest marathon i have done, but the great news is I will be all the stronger for it.

Over the next few days I will take it easy and allow the body to recover, eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and fresh fish with lots of water.  I am looking forward to this part.  However there is no rest for the wicked and in a few days time I will be back at it again as i have another marathon in Derry at the end of this month and a couple of triathlons coming up next month.  

I know I have set the bar high this time but I will work hard to hit the goals.

If you think my challenge is inspiring and for a great cause in the MS Society - I would be delighted if you could spare a few pound of support.  You can visit my page here ::

I will keep you up to date with my progress

#AttitudeIsEverything #Againstallodds #LifeChanges

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