Week 16: Ironman Training -

Just over halfway through my program and I have to say this is a tough regime but I am genuinely enjoying it.  I am on week 16 of a 30 week Ironman training program.  The first 10 weeks was to build a good base and level of fitness.  Weeks 11-20 is to build strength. The last leg then is weeks 21-30 which is to maintain the level of strength and fitness combined with a 4 week taper.  Along with this regime you also have to get your nutrition right.  This is very important as there is no point knocking your pan in training and being disciplined in this regard, then going out and filling your body full of rubbish.  For me I have been working on this for some time, and right now I can see the changes in shape of my body and am reaping the benefits of the regime.  

To give you an insight into my week this week, here is the program:

Monday          rest day

Tuesday          3000metres swimming drills in morning and 45 minute run at lunchtime

Wednesday     60min bike at lunchtime and 60min run in evening

Thursday          3000 metre swim         

Friday               60min core and strength work with 15 minute run

Saturday           4 hours on bike

Sunday              75minute run

As you can see, its pretty full on, but its been a great experience.  I never thought this was possible even a year ago.  The Ironman is the ultimate fitness goal for me and with a bit of luck i will get there.  I am in the middle of writing my second book around this experience and hope it will be ready for the Christmas stocking.

I am doing this challenge to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and also some funds for the MS SOCIETY.  If you can throw a few pound at this, please do;




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