"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe


As week 18 of a 30 week Ironman program is close to passing, I feel the above quote is very apt for what lies ahead in terms of my training program and challenge in September. Over the last few months I have been researching all I can about the Ironman event in terms of the three sports involved, nutrition, mechanics of a bike, proper swimming gear and technique, running shoes and all of the other stuff that you need to get your head around to complete an Ironman race.  I have to tell you there is quite a bit involved as you can imagine.  However I would encourage anyone considering this challenge to take it on.  The reason being if you are even at the point where you are considering an Ironman, that means you already have that sense of adventure, courage, work ethic and ultimate drive that are all qualities you need in abundance to make it through this challenge.  

Ironman is an incredible experience.  For me I am doing the Ironman right now.  Six days a week, training hard sometimes twice a day, eating/drinking the right food, getting up and training at stupid o clock etc - this is the Ironman for me.  Turning up on the day and completing the course in under 17 hours is the prize,  but all the hard work is in the training which is happening right now.

My Ironman adventure started in 2011 when I ran the Belfast marathon.  Six marathons later, many half marathons and 10k's, a few adventure races, six triathlons later and I am nearly there - incredible feeling to be honest.

Quotes for me are brain food and it would be the norm for me to read over fifty quotes a day.  I am very aware of my subconscious and I try and fill it and my conscious mind with as much positive stuff as possible. Try it yourself and see how you get on.   This along with incredible focus and drive has got me though 18 weeks of an Ironman training program.  I have only 12 weeks to go now and tomorrow morning I will be out on my bike at 6am pedalling hard, talking to myself to motivate and encourage oneself to keep getting stronger.  Life can be tough, life can be cruel but I have found exercise and adventure to be the perfect medicine to deal with the stresses of modern living.

All of this is for a number of reasons but now I am upping the anti.  If you can support me in any way, please do so here www.justgiving.com/conor-devine2 - All proceeds go to the MS SOCIETY.  MS is a bastard of a condition, destroys the lives of many in this country and across the world.  I am living well with MS at the minute and long may that continue.  My thoughts are is if I keep strengthening my body and eating the right food, it will have little room to grow and cause havoc.  Lets hope I am right.

Have a healthy weekend all....


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