“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller

Helen Keller knows a thing or two about adversity.  In 2009 when I was searching the web for inspirational people, her story popped up and its one of the most inspiring accounts of someone overcoming adversity I have came across.  I would encourage you to have a read of it.

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all..... discuss? This is an interesting thought and one that I believe gets lost upon most of us who are now a part of 21st century living.  Life is so busy now with work, family, financial pressures and illness amongst many other stresses, that I believe more and more people do not take time out to themselves and be grateful that (1) they are actually alive and (2) do things that will make them feel better like exercise and eat well.

This week saw the start of week 21 of a 30 week Ironman training program and unfortunately after a great run of health and no injuries, I am nursing a muscle strain that has prevented me from cycling and running this past few days.  This definitely is not ideal as I am getting close now to the big event and this coming weekend I have an Olympic Triathlon to compete in - event number 4 of the 6 challenges I set out in my "Against all odds campaign".  However I have tried to look on the bright side and like everything thats bad, there is normally a positive effect to it and this injury has allowed my body some much needed rest and also has allowed me to get in the pool more and improve my swimming technique.  Hopefully with another few days rest I should be back in play as I would like to take part on Sunday in Belfast as its a great event, and get back to my program.

I think if most of us thought of life as an adventure then we would probably lead a more structured life and I would argue more enjoyable.  Whenever you enter a marathon. or a triathlon, the first thing you would do is get a training plan in place and for the 10/12 weeks building up to the event, you would train a number of times a week and some also try and eat healthier etc so overall improve your lifestyle.  My question is why do we only do this when we are taking part in events of this nature?  Most people who have ran a marathon would tell you that the training was tough but great and that they never felt better.  Post the event many go back to their old routines of no exercise, sloppy eating habits and back to feeling sluggish and crap all the time.

For me I decided a couple of years ago that If I was to continue to defeat MS then I had to keep up my adventures and healthy lifestyle.  Today, not only is my MS losing its war with me but my overall wellbeing has improved significantly.  My body is now strong, I feel strong, and my mind is strong.  Continuous effort, training, and a healthy eating plan has got me into this situation.  Ultimately It all comes down to choice and for me its a no brainer in that I much prefer this lifestyle to my old one - a much better place to be.

This morning I swam 3500 metres In the pool in 1hr 25minutes.  This was my furthest swim to date and I can feel that I'm definitely coming along at the old swimming.  As my friend Gerry Duffy told me two years ago, swimming is about three things 1) technique 2) technique 3) technique - Gerry wasn't far wrong.

Maybe if all of us took on board what Helen Keller believes and thought about life and our role in it a little more, made some tweaks to our lifestyles, things might improve.  Why not give it a go, what's there to lose?

At the point of writing I have raised over £2000 for the MS SOCIETY and I am hoping with the challenges I have set myself, I can raise some more funds. If you are in a position to support me with my "against all odds campaign",  please visit this page www.justgiving.com/conor-devine2 

Thanks for your support to date



Full flight during sprint triathlon in Derry

Full flight during sprint triathlon in Derry

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