“Look deeply into your soul. You have enough grace and strength to overcome any struggle.” 
Laila Gifty Akita


Week 21 of Ironman training has been pretty dismal.  Nine days ago I picked up a groin problem whilst out doing some speed training on the roads.  Looking back I had no need to be pushing my body so hard and I am now paying the price unfortunately.  Consequently I have had to bin my schedule this week and concentrate on my swimming and the odd strength session thrown in for good measure.  The plus points are that my swimming continues to improve and I am definitely getting more comfortable in the water which is great.  However I cannot really afford to be missing my bike sessions as I haven't clocked enough miles up at this point and I am running out of time.  Taking all matters into consideration, I just have to try and relax and let my body heal and hopefully in the next week I can resume my training program,

Laila Gifty certainly has the right idea when facing adversity.  Often however when you are going through hell you haven't the state of mind to be so reflective or considerate of this type of approach.  However you actually can get there by constant personal development and belief that you can get yourself back to where you once where or where you want to go.

I meet people every day and quite often I see struggle after struggle after struggle.  Modern living is tough and it does now appear that its survival of the fittest.  Anyone who tells you that all in their life is perfect is telling lies.  Its not possible as there are always challenges and adversity at different levels to overcome.

For me I am thankful that my general health is good at the minute and I continue to win my MS war.  I injected my medicine this morning with my disease modifying drug copaxone like I do everyday, and I will try and eat only healthy food today with plenty of water to keep my body hydrated.  This is important if I am to maintain my wellbeing program.  I also had my supplement concoction of Vitamin B12, 5000u Vitamin D, Fish oil, Lypronol and Magnesium this morning - all an important part of my program.

So keep fighting the fight and continue to challenge yourself to raise the bar.  This weekend I am going to rest hoping that I can get my leg right for next week.  

Have a great weekend all 

#AttitudeIsEverything #Againstallodds 


PANEL AT European MS Convention in Brussels, May 2015

PANEL AT European MS Convention in Brussels, May 2015

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