The last few weeks have not gone to plan for different reasons. I picked up an injury last month and since then a number of things has went against me.  Fail to prepare and prepare to fail they say - well, maybe..... However I care to take a different view.  This time next month I hope I am writing a blog to tell you all about my incredible experience in Alcudia completing IRONMAN MAJORCA 2015.  Thats the plan anyway.  2015 is running away from us, time is moving so fast and it seems like yesterday that I was writing down my goals at the start of the year.  But thats how life goes.  The world keeps turning and waits for nobody.  

This coming week I will try and get a full weeks training in.  If I do this, it will be the first time in over a month.  The plan is to do 15 hours this coming week, with a 5 hour bike on Saturday and 2 hour run next Sunday accounting for nearly half of the hours.  I am pretty determined to get it done as If I get a good couple of weeks in from now, I will be ready.

My brother asked me yesterday what part of the event am I most afraid of? The truthful answer is none of it.  Over the last few months I have read lots of information about this challenge, followed a number of other peoples adventures and as I sit tonight Im pretty calm about it all.  I think it will take me in the region of 14 hours to complete the race.  That's swimming, biking and running for 14 hours, no stopping and eating as you go - yes not for the faint hearted I know, but should be one hell of an experience.  However my motivation is so great for doing this, that I know all of the pain, anxiety and self doubt that lies ahead will all be worth it if it helps other people in any shape or form.  I know for sure that already the MS FAMILY have been greatly inspired by my 20 week challenge, and a number of others close to me have started to move and exercise more.  This is the motivation and the reason I will finish.

Tomorrow I have a 1 hour run to do, and I'm looking forward to getting out there.  Tuesday I'm in the pool and on the bike and its like that rest of the week to the long bike Saturday and run Sunday.  Ive completed 5 challenges in the last 16 weeks and my body and mind is strong.  Only another month to go and that will be 6 out of 6.  

After IRONMAN I will take a break from training and start to write by 2nd book.  Ive been working on it over the last few months and looking forward to getting it completed for Christmas.

So only 4 weeks to go and its time to get some quality technically good training in and keep up my good diet and other sound habits.  Its been some journey over the last four year getting me to the start line of IRONMAN - its taken a lot of hard work, determination, self belief, and discipline, hopefully the skills that will carry me through the many mountains that lie ahead.  

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