Over the last few months many people have came up to me and asked me various questions around my Ironman adventures, nutrition and my health.  People appear genuinely intrigued how I have been able to go from someone who was very ill living with MS only a few years ago, to the person I am today which is primarily someone who appears strong, vibrant, fit and full of energy.

I think in society in general over the last few years as illness appears rife particularly amongst the younger parts of society, there is a stronger interest in getting fit, eating better and working on ones all round mental health.  This can only be a good thing as our hospitals are overcrowded, our GP's exhausted by their workloads and more and more people are contracting all kinds of disease and illness.

In March I went full VEGAN, which simply means I don't eat animal products anymore.  Yes that’s right, no chicken, no meat, no dairy and no eggs.  What do you eat I hear you say?  Well, lots of stuff really including all kinds of soups, curries, salads, grains, legumes and literally loads of vegetables every day.  My diet is in really good order and my body is reacting really well to this.  The fact that I have cut out meat, dairy and any other kind of animal product has meant that I have completely cut the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol getting into my system along with all of the other toxins and allergies associated with those kinds of products.  

The other interesting thing that has happened in the last few months since I have went VEGAN, my overall health has improved, my mental clarity really good and my MS symptoms have started to level out even further.  This alone is an incredible result and so much so I was able to STOP my medication in April.  So now to fight the MS and keep my body and mitochondria fired up I self medicate using exercise every day along with the VEGAN diet primarily driven by high intake of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  It’s been an incredible experience.


So what motivates me to stick with this plan?

For me it’s a simple answer, I want to keep my MS at bay, be strong for my children and have enough energy to live a productive life.  Eating well and exercising every day is a small price to pay for this.  Not having to inject myself every morning for the rest of my life is a good enough reason on its own, so fingers crossed my health holds up for quite some time.


How to get ahead

So we are all living busy lives with business and family activity taking centre stage, it doesn’t leave much time for much else I hear you say.  This is the worst excuse in the world for not having a plan for your health and wellbeing, but its one of the most common responses I get from people.

Ultimately it will come down to yourself, your mental strength, perseverance and what you really want from life as to whether you are prepared to put the effort in to get those rewards.  For me I try and find people who I admire, study them and try and get some inspiration from them to help me deliver on my health goals.  Over the years I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of these people who have helped me develop a mindset, which has got me to the place I am at today.  I have I am happy to share some information on a few of these people below;

SUSAN SLY – In 2008 I sat at a business conference in Las Vegas at the front row and watched in admiration how this fit young lady owned the stage and shared her life and business experience with the room.  She was elegant, professional and full of enthusiasm.  Like me Susan had been living with MS and through her love of running and living and eating well, she was well on top of the condition.  I have followed Susan’s career ever since this talk and she continues to motivate and inspire people around the world with her charity work, entrepreneurship programs and also being a mum and wife to a beautiful family. 

RICH ROLL – I first came across Rich in 2015 when a friend of mine recommended I buy his book Finding Ultra.  Following that I started to listen to his podcasts to get a better understanding of him and his messaging.  I got to meet Rich in June 2016 in Ireland and have a chat with him about life, goals and trying to become a better version of yourself.  Rich own personal story is very empowering.  A chronic alcoholic at 39 years old, with his life closing in on him, he decided to ask for help and go on a road of redemption and recovery.  Again he used exercise and food as weapons to help him fight against his addiction and has went onto become one of the most inspiring people I have come across in the last ten years.  Recognised recently as one of the fittest men on the planet, I continue to listen and study Rich’s work and encourage others to take a look. 

LUKE TYBURSKI – A few years ago I came across Luke on twitter and reached out to him to see if I could connect.  He is an adventure athlete who has been able to overcome serious mental health challenges over the last few years.  Luke is as hard as they come and last year completed the Ultimate Triathlon, which comprised a race where he swam, biked and ran over 2000KM’s in 14 days.  He is a huge advocate of eating only real food and encourages people to bring exercise into their daily lives.  In September this year I hosted Luke in Belfast for the Screening of his film “The Ultimate Triathlon” which was a terrific night where over 200 people got the opportunity to watch the film and speak directly to Luke.  A special evening.

I suppose what I am really saying is that if you want to get ahead in your career, improve your relationships with people, achieve better health, it would be a good idea to find people who are doing this and inspire you.  If you do this and study their mindsets and their work output, this can only have a positive impact on you as a person and your life.

The only thing I would say is that don’t be like me and wait to you get sick before you try and change your life around.  Start today, now, go get your runners on and get out there.  There is no better time.

PS - In January 2017 I hope to have my new book out.  Its called IRONMIND, AGAINST ALL ODDS.  Keep an eye out for it, I hope you enjoy it.




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