If you live in Ireland or somewhere close and are reading this, how many people have you met in the last ninety days who have complained about the weather? For me I started to lose count around October time and as a serial offender, I would prefer to let it go this time.  Well maybe not.  It has to be said that living in a climate like ours cannot be good for our health and in fact the truth is that its not.  It medically proven that most of us Irish people lack vitamin D, which is a hugely important vitamin for our bodies to get and if you don't get enough of it, at times it can lead to illness.  For me, a person living with MS, I take 5000iu of Vitamin D supplement to counteract this, but not seeing the sun for half of the year, just isn't the same.  

2016 started with a  bang for me as my main focus this year on the goal front is to try and concentrate on my business and thankfully in January we had our busiest month in years and the future for GDP looks very exciting to say the least.  However as good as things were going, last week matters came back to ground floor level as I was taken out by a very violent flu which has knocked me for ten.  I also get the flu jab but I am aware that it doesnt cover you for all of the shite flying around this time of year, and anyhow no point talking about the flu jab tonight and me dying of the bloody thing.

One of the things I've noticed over the years whilst living with MS is that when I get the flu, many MS symptoms return unannounced.  Things like my face going numb, tingling and pins and needles in my arms, my head feeling like a block of concrete, and other weird like definitely not standard flu symptoms become noticeable.  For someone like myself who leads a very active life, this is my worst nightmare considering the fact Im also looking after a young family.

The thing is what the hell can you do about it only drink like a fish and try and get some decent food into your system along with a few boxes of lemsip. As I've got a little bit older,  I tend to look at all aspects of my life now a little like the weather.  Some days are bad, some a complete write off, then you get a bit of a break, then maybe a change for the good in the weather for a day or two, then crap again (if you live in Ireland), maybe a couple of good mild days, and it sort of goes on like that.....forever. I'm sure many of you would agree with me on this analogy, particularly living in this part of the world.

The one thing flu and MS symptoms are quite good at is killing all of your hopes and aspirations in a flash.  It can be very debilitating at times and over the last few days it reminded me of the many times I haven't been well in the last nine years.  Not a great mental zone to be in or spend any amount of time even passing through I can assure you.

I was reading earlier and came across a piece where an old Greek warrior was explaining to his grandson that there are two types of wolves in each and every one of us.  One wolf is positive and wants good things and the other wolf is negative and destructive.  Both wolves fight for control over us.  The grandson was curious and asked" which wolf will win Granpa? to which the Granpa replied.... "The one you feed".

If thoughts determine feelings, and feelings then influence how you go about your day, its important to feed your mind good thoughts that will generate good feelings and actions. So always remember to feed the good wolf, as many times a day as you can, it will help you and it makes perfect sense. 

The return of the dreaded flu TKO'd me this past week and the unprovoked and most unwelcome MS scud misile attack which joined the party has not had be doing cartwheels as you can imagine, however as the old warrior says, I am determined to feed only the good wolf and like the weather, the storms will pass, and things will settle.  I'm looking forward to a more positive week.




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