Over the last 18 months I have become a lot more interested in the role food plays in our wellbeing.  As someone who is gunning for optimum health and an ultimate lofty goal to become MS symptom free, I finally acknowledge how important food will be in this process.  

About 6 months ago I bought a book called the China study by doctor Tim Campbell.  This opened my eyes to the potential role food plays in the development of all sorts of illness and it particularly hones in on animal and dairy products as being the root cause.  I went dairy free over 18 months ago and i think I felt much better for it, but it wasn't until January 2016 that I committed myself to a plant based and whole food diet.  For the most part this means I no longer eat meat or dairy instead focusing on foods like quoina, millet, sweet potato, along with lots of fruit and a daily portion of some kind of fish.  The experience over the last few months has been really interesting and truthfully I have found the migration over to this type of nutrition plan, a lot easier than I had originally thought.  

Around Christmas time a friend of mine sent me a link to a documentary "Forks over Knives" and this tipped the scales for me with regards to walking away from meat.  In this film it sets out the argument backed up by science and results that the most healthy way to refuel is by going plant based and whole food.  The transition has become incredibly empowering and even exciting as I have discovered a whole new way of life and eating.  

Within this process I am also tracking my health on a daily basis (MS Symptoms) and my energy output, and I have to say that although not scientific, I do feel a lot better within myself and my energy levels are also always very high. 

I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis for the last nine years and its only in the last four years really that I have been in recovery which has been a direct result of my plan which I stick rigidly to.  In the next few weeks I am going to make a big decision around my future as I am contemplating coming off my medication that ultimately claims to reduce relapses by 30%.  Off course the medical world  would be against this move, however the facts are that the DMD's do not make you better, improve your physiology or repair myelin.  However by me eating great food and implementing an exercise regime, this is exactly what is improving my health and my body in my opinion.  The results of the last few years are obvious, and tell its own tale.

Whether you live with MS or not, I would encourage anyone reading this blog to have a look at the food they are consuming.  Its no secret that the health service in the Western world is at breaking point with all sorts of illness quadrupling in the last number of decades.  The facts remain now more than ever that as a race of people, we are all getting sicker and fatter.  Obesity is a huge problem in both adults and children and hopefully by me implementing this plan and setting a good example at home, my children will follow suit and maybe those closest to me will start to think more about what they eat and why.

Easter has been a welcome break for me as with work and home life breaking the speed limits, the few days off were a blessing.  On Sunday morning I stopped the car to take a picture of the intimidating but beautiful Mount Errigal in west Donegal.  As I looked at the mountain and the winding road that eats into it, it reminded me of life itself.  Life is one hell of a climb, dangerous, overwhelming at times and certainly it appears to be more and more every day, become a survival of the fittest.  Its a good job I'm a good climber though as with 8 weeks to Ironman 70.3 in Barcelona I have plenty of hurdles ahead of me, and plenty of work to do.

What I know is if I surround myself with the right people, eat the right food, put in the training and find time for my mind, I will arrive in Barcelona on point.  I am looking forward to May 22nd.

A third of the way already into 2016 and so far so good.  The diet is going well, transition much smoother than I thought and my energy levels are high.  Have a great week all.




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