BARCELONA 70.3 - Healthy Body / Healthy Mind

In just over five weeks, I am back on the Ironman trail as I have entered the Barcelona 70.3 race.  For anyone unsure of this event, its a triathlon whereby I will swim 1.2miles in the open water sea, cycle 56 miles and then finish with a half marathon - all in its 70.3 miles.  

Around about February I started to train for next months event, and slowly but surely I can feel myself getting stronger with each passing week.  The plan between now and the race is over the next two weeks I will up the intensity of my work-outs leaving the last two weeks to taper and let my body get ready for the challenge.

I have to say after the 70.3 in Dublin last August and the full Ironman in Majorca in September I have got the bug.  After running numerous marathons, half marathons and then getting into triathlon, nothing compares to an Ironman event as the company really do know how to put on a show and the atmosphere over the three days of the race is second to none.

Since Christmas I have made a huge change in my life with regards to my diet.  I no longer eat meat and also have been dairy free now over eighteen months.  I normally eat from a range of fruit and vegetables along with fish snacking on nuts and seeds.  Its in line with a whole food plant based diet.  I have been trying very hard to track any difference in my body and what i have definitely found in the last few months is that my energy levels appear to be well up and I can feel my fitness and strength levels improving.

The more I have started to look at food and how it affects us and makes us feel, the more of an understanding and respect I have got for my own body.  I now think a lot more before I eat and I am reaping the benefits as I am certainly feeling a lot better and my MS symptoms appear to be settling month on month.

Throughout this journey, I have been searching for other people who have also embraced this diet / lifestyle and the more you look on the web and search for these kind of people, the more people are coming to the fore endorsing this regime and also how by adapting such a nutrition plan, they have been able to reverse many of their health problems.

The way I simplify this now is, we all accept if we put bad fuel into our cars they won't run very well.  The same goes for our body and food, which is why I have decided to only fuel on whole nutritious food going forward:)

My goal over the next period is to try and encourage those close to me to think more about what they are eating, generally try and eat healthier and also aim to bring regular exercise into their lives.  The great thing is there are now plenty of people telling me they are trying to embrace a better lifestyle and there is no doubt about it, there is change in the air as people want to feel better, prevent the onset of illness and reach their potential.

For me, doing Ironman triathlons, tackling adventures, doing things people think I can't do, training a few times a week, eating well, working hard and spending time with my children is the way forward.  

Keep an eye on my blog as I will be making a big announcement very soon in relation to my own MS situation  and hopefully I will be able to continue to encourage people to try and get out of their comfort zones :)

Finally I have joined the world of SNAPCHAT and its a great platform to share some positive vibes.  I will using snapchat to share some of my health, food and exercise tips so come say hello.  You can find me at conor_devine29 

This weekend I have a half marathon to run tomorrow and hope to get a 40 mile bike in on Sunday so whatever you are at this weekend, try and eat well and get some exercise in.




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