To many people across the world, today will have no particular significance and might simply be another Wednesday in mid May.  However to over 2.5M people across the globe who live with Multiple Sclerosis, it’s certainly a day that is becoming more popular in their calendars.

For the MS family today will have different significance and meaning however for me, I always take World MS day as an opportunity to share some information and a very positive message’s about what it can be like to live with MS every day.

Its also a day when I like to get some facts out there to people and try and encourage them to get a plan in place and start to fight back against the MS.  What we now know about MS is that there are many things that patients can do, to help them deal with their condition and actually live and feel better.

For me and my own journey, I have had a remarkable five years living with MS as I have went from someone extremely ill, to a very fit, healthy positive strong person.  I have to tell you that this didn’t happen by accident, and I have made it the central part of my life and worked extremely hard to reverse the MS, however its incredibly empowering now in the knowledge that all of my work, discipline and motivation is paying off.

My message is very simple.  If you are living with MS, its important you start to take control of your own wellbeing.  Be a student of the condition and the starting point has to be in getting a plan in place that will allow your body to repair itself and give it a chance to fight back against the MS.  Food and nutrition has played a significant part in my recovery, as has regular exercise.  IN fact I often refer to these two elements as my nuclear weapons as the impact they have had on me has been truly remarkable.

So if you are living with MS, don’t lose hope, faith or ever give up.  Get your own plan in place, stick with it and believe in your own mind that you can fight back and you can get better.

Finally, on Sunday I completed my third Ironman event in twelve months in the beautiful town of Calella, just outside Barcelona. This was a 70mile endurance race which took me over seven hours to complete, involving swimming, cycling and running.  Only a few years ago I would never have believed this was possible, however now I know with the right plan, desire and belief, absolutely everything is possible.  Its an incredible feeling and I'm very grateful to be able to compete in these kinds of events now.

I now believe that the starting point no matter what challenge you face, is to have the right attitude,  With this, you can go forward with your plan. 

“Attitude Is Everything”

IRONMAN BARCELONA 70.3 ----- 2016

IRONMAN BARCELONA 70.3 ----- 2016

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