A few years ago I wrote a book called Attitude Is Everything.  The purpose of the book was to share with others my experience of how I went about dealing with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, and ultimately that by approaching the challenge with the right attitude, I was able to reverse the MS and start an incredible journey of recovery. 

Last month the BBC aired a very interesting documentary on the success of the Crossmaglen Rangers Gaa club.  Crossmaglen is a small rural village which straddles the border counties in South Armagh.  Anyone who knows anything about the GAA would agree that Crossmaglen’s achievements over the last ten years, given the size of the village and the other challenges it's people face, is nothing short of incredible.  The documentary paints a picture of a group of guys and a club who have an incredible attitude and approach to their craft that has resulted in an outstanding period of success, year in, year out.

This week, little known Leicester City won the Barclays premier league, a 5000/1 shot at the start of the year.  This is arguably similar to Andorra winning the world cup or even Liverpool winning the league (couldn’t resist).  What is very clear with regards to the Leicester story is that their manager Claudio Ranieri has set the tone in the dressing room by leading by example and developed a group of players that would do absolutely anything for their manager.  The attitude and desire of the Leicester players and their willingness to win and work hard is what has gotten them to the Promised Land.

On Tuesday morning I was up just before 6am listening to a podcast by a sports psychologist called Michael Gervais.  Gervais was interviewing the legendary coach of the Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll.  The podcast is called finding mastery and it’s a platform where Gervais interviews successful people, trying to peel back the layers and uncover what are the steps you need to take to master your craft.  This particular episode was incredibly powerful as Caroll is very easy on the ear but its his mindset, attitude and approach to life that leaves you in a state of fixation.

In three weeks time I will be competing in my third Ironman event in Barcelona.  Some people are blown away by the fact that, someone with MS is able to complete and finish an Ironman.  It’s very empowering when people talk in this manner but over the last few years I have been able to reprogram my brain, set goals, work to plans and then develop this attitude that when directed in the right manner can be unstoppable.

Everyday I meet lots of people and have some very powerful intriguing conversations.  What I have noticed of late is that many people now are fed up with being overweight, tired all the time, taking medication and now want to improve their health and start to feel well again.

It’s incredible how many people in this country are struggling with their diet, their weight, depression and addiction to name a few.  What is even more distressing is that its become clear that over the last ten to fifteen years huge swathes of our people are relying on their GP’s to prescribe them magic bullets to improve their wellbeing and overall health.

STOP FOR A SECOND.............Having given this a lot of thought over the last twelve months I have a big idea that i hope to share with anyone interested in listening.  The big idea is that with my own adventures like Ironman, running marathons and other wacky challenges, and my new zest for eating and cooking super nutritious food, I am hoping to encourage as many people as possible to start to take control of their own wellbeing and start to eat better, move more and ultimately feel better about themselves and within themselves. 

The great thing about this is you can start tonight, and better still at no extra cost.

I am determined to be able to run with my children at 38,48,58,68,78,and 85 years of age.  At that point I will likely stop competitive racing as such and just do some park runs.  I believe that if I continue in this vein with my new plant based whole food diet, continue to exercise, look after my body and think good thoughts, I should be able to achieve these goals handy enough.  There are now so many people who are feeling great, living healthy lives, and reversing illness with this kind of plan, so there is nothing new in what i am outlining.

Do me a favour though…. Don’t be like me and wait to you fall ill to you get your ass in gear.  Start to think more about your health today, right NOW.  Start to think more about the food you eat and how often you eat and also what exercise you are doing every day. 

Like everything else that is good in life, this can be hard work particularly at the beginning.  However i can confirm that if you put the graft in, the benefits will pay you back no end.

Here is a challenge - why not try it for one month.  If you do this, you will know if its worth continuing with your new regime and outlook on life:)  Best of luck ;-0

#Attitude Is Everything

My Support Team: Majorca Ironman Conor Jr. & Lilyanna