This Summer I will be living with multiple sclerosis ten years.  It’s been a ten-year period that has been full of ups and downs and for at least six of those years it was mostly downs.  Thankfully and those of you who are familiar with me and my journey, I have been reversing my MS very successfully since 2011, predominantly through food and exercise.

In the last eight years I am one of the MS’ers who was taking what they call a disease-modifying drug.  The drug I have been using daily is called Copaxone.  Every morning for the last eight years I have been injecting myself with this stuff and the reason being my neurologist, and many other stakeholders in the MS world kept telling me it was the right thing to do.  The thing I only really became aware of in the last eighteen months though is, that there are no drugs for MS currently that actually help the body repair itself or repair the damaged myelin.   The reason we take these drugs is we have been told that there is research out there that has proved they can prevent relapses rate by up to 30%.  Eight years ago whenever I had to make a choice on this matter, I felt that it was the right thing to do, so I ran with Copaxone.

However since 2010 I have started to really drill into this issue and try and get to know my body better and work out how and what exactly, was actually contributing to my body starting to repair itself.  In the last few years, I have started to come across many people who have decided upon the less conventional route to healing their body and living with MS and I have to tell you I was drawn to this subject matter to try and get a better understating of it. 

Many medics who understand this space are now admitting that nutrition and exercise can play a very important role in the recovery and wellbeing of MS patients.  In the last few years I have immersed myself in this subject matter, reading many books, journals, listening to professors who specialize in this area, and trying to get as good an understanding of the situation as possible.  Like most other MS patients I have been left to my own devices to actually work out what would be the optimum plan for me to fight the MS.  Thankfully through determination, desire and perseverance I have been able to educate myself around many of the issues and I now feel I have come across the best plan to fight the MS and allow my body to heal and repair itself.



At the end of April this year and against the wishes of my neurologist I decided to stop taking my medication.  This was a calculated and well thought through decision, as I am convinced that I don’t need it any more, and I am not one for just taking medication for the sake of it.  I won’t lie to you I have been thinking hard about this for the last twelve months however having carried out a lot of research I am resolute and confident this it is the correct decision.

Eighteen months ago I took dairy products out of my diet as my research was telling me that there were proteins and other things in dairy products that can exacerbate conditions like MS.  This is all medically proven and I would encourage you to start probing and satisfy yourself on this point.  At Christmas this year past, I then decided (again after some research) to take meat out of my diet.  Again this was not an easy call as basically we have been brought up to believe that all meat is great and it makes you strong and is full of protein.  If you look into meat and how most meat is produced today, you will start to uncover evidence that a lot of the meat that is produced now is far from healthy and actually creates and exacerbates all kinds of disease.   

Optimum health is something that I am sure all of us want to achieve and sustain.  There are millions of people the world over who are prepared to tell you how to achieve optimum health.  For me personally it is also a goal of mine however the MS has made this goal a lot more difficult to achieve.  However after studying many people and lots of information and research related papers, I now feel that ultimately optimum health starts with what you put on your plate.  Food is the new medicine and in fact if you listen to Socrates he has been saying this for many many centuries so it’s far from a groundbreaking development. If you want a little more proof on this, why not look at Dr Terry walls story in relation to her own MS and the fact that she was in rapid decline for a couple of years on all sorts of drugs.  It wasn't until she stopped the medication and started treating herself with food and proper nutrition that she was able to arrest her MS and go on a pathway of recovery that has allowed her to walk and cycle again.  Its a marvellous story and you can get more information here  - My point is there are many others, and you simply have to go look for them.

An interesting observation for me on my own journey is that since I have went off meat at Christmas I have had the longest period of wellness in the last ten years.  Maybe this is connected, maybe it is not however I am not overly bothered as I am going to stay true to my plan and I am more than aware that my journey of recovery is starting to get some attention from others who are also adopting a similar approach and thankfully achieving similar successes. 

Giving up medication was another step in the right direction for me and fingers crossed, I can go on and get stronger, keep eating well and exercising regularly and most important of all, continue to crush MS.

Mental clarity is key to finding your own pathway in life

Mental clarity is key to finding your own pathway in life



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