The week that was:

This morning I was outdoors running in the countryside.  It was a brilliant feeling to be healthy enough to run 7 miles earlier, in the fresh air, after a very demanding week.  A few miles into the run I came to a T Junction where there was a STOP sign.  As I approached the sign, a thought crossed my mind that the road network nowadays is a hell of a lot smarter than us humans and how we lead our own daily lives.  Clearly if you are driving and you don't stop at the junction, its highly likely you will end up in some kind of accident and cause serious damage.  So it's standard stuff, we stop, look left and right and then progress in the direction we want to go.

Contrast this to how most of us now live our daily lives?  This week I've been travelling all over Ireland and the UK and I've had plenty of time to do one of my favourite past times - people watching.  If you haven't done this before, try it.  It's incredible really when you take some time and watch how busy people are, how into their food they are, how animated they are on their phones etc.... I've come to a point in my life now where I think humans in general have completely lost the run of themselves.  Everything goes, its nearly impossible to shock anyone anymore, nobody appears to give much of a damn about things that should matter, and every day that passes looks more and more to be a race to the bottom.  Global catastrophic events are now a weekly/monthly occurrence, the leader of the western world this week was free throwing paper towels to a group of people in Puerto Rico, who've just come through a natural disaster, as if he is handing out trophies at a Harvard prize giving - WTF...!!! ......and to round the week up, the British Foreign Secretary is cracking jokes at a political party national conference about how Libya would be a great tourist destination if only they'd clean up all the bodies burried on their beaches.  Incredibly funny I must say Boris!!!! 

Positive Change

On Tuesday I was in Manchester at Piccadilly station and as I was jumping off the train with my headphones on immersed in my phone like everyone else, an old authordox Jewish man was struggling to get off the train due to the steep drop, and spilled his bag of fruit right across the platform.  As I went to help him off the train, I was beat to it by another gentleman.  This old man must have been 80 odd years of age, and it was an incredible sight to see someone in this mad world actually show an act of kindness.  The old man took it in his stride and went about his daily routine very content and appreciative of the help.  If you watch the news (and I try not to), Its getting increasingly difficult to remain in anyway optimistic about mankind, however what I also know is that each of us have got an incredible opportunity to make and create positive change in the world.  Small baby steps are all it takes to help someone and do something that creates a positive impact. I would suggest we could all start with being a little nicer to ourselves, and every so often, S T O P, and have a think about what you are eating, how you are exercising and looking after your bodies, and finally how you are behaving when you are alone and around others.


This week was another really good week for me personally as I had another MS SYMPTOM FREE week.  Pretty incredible feeling to be honest, and to keep you up to speed, in two weeks time I am going into the  studio to record IRONMIND, AGAINST ALL ODDS.  All being well my new book will be available to download so you can listen to it in your car, when you are out running or whenever you want really.  I am excited about this as I know many people prefer audio to reading as its maybe a little easier to take on board the information.  I will keep you posted on this.

Thanks again to many of you who continue to contact me giving me very positive feedback about my book.  I really appreciate all of the feedback and keeps me honest and on track with my plan.

Finally, whatever you are at in the coming weeks and months ahead, remember to S T O P sometimes and have a think about what you are doing and where you are going in life.  It certainly won't do you a bit of harm

#I R O N M I N D 




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