Are you getting enough Vitamin D?  Why do you even need vitamin D?   This week Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin was back in the news with most of the media outlets running stories telling us to increase our intake of this vitamin that some now refer to as a wonder drug.

What do depression, achy bones and heart disease have in common?  They have all been connected with 20% of the population who it has been deemed have low levels of vitamin D in their bodies.

For me Vitamin D is of particular interest as when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, very quickly into my research program, I found that the vast majority of people who had contracted MS appeared to have vitamin D deficiency.  This led me to follow the work of some of the worlds leading doctors in the field of neurology who were also then advising MS patients to take a vitamin D supplement.  In 2013 when I was invited to talk at a European conference on MS in Belgium, a top German neurologist who was also speaking at the event, was very clear when he told the room that he advises his patients to take 5000iu of Vitamin D every day as it can have a particular benefit to MS patients.

Australian Doctor, George Jelinek is one of the most highly regarded neurologists in the world and he also advised me to take 5000iu per day and also after three years of age to get my children on 1000iu per day.

It is estimated that there are at least 10million people in the UK who have low levels of vitamin D.  Given the fact we get 90% of our vitamin D from sunlight, it is vital given our climate that we supplement with this. 

The Supplement market is worth billions ofdollars and is hugely commercial.  People ask me all the time, what supplements do you recommend?  For me I now only use two supplements in the form of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D 5000iu every day.  Last year I reverted to a plant based diet and on a daily basis I am getting a quality concoction of vitamins and nutrients through my plant based whole food diet.  I would also point out that over the last twelve months having stopped consuming all forms of animal products and dairy, I am now in the best period of heath in ten years given I live with Multiple Sclerosis.  It is also important to note that I gave up my injections last June and haven’t looked back.

I will leave you with a thought that now many of the worlds leading new breed of doctors and medical smarts are moving towards including the incredible Dr. Michael Gregor who runs the amazing website .  Health and wellbeing all begins and ends with what you put on your plate.


Proud to be strong enough to finish another 70.3 mile IRONMAN race iN Barcelona

Proud to be strong enough to finish another 70.3 mile IRONMAN race iN Barcelona

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