Hard to believe that the Easter holidays are upon us already with a quarter of 2017 now gone. It's frightening how quick time continues to move ahead and if you are like me, contstantly on the go, busy with work and home life, holiday periods suddenly arrive upon us out of the blue.

Easter is a great time to lift the bonnet, stand back and ask yourself how you have been getting on this year to date.  A sort of quarter year review, hows work/business going, your health, relationships, friendships, the goals and aspirations you had for the year. All of these things need to be constantly reviewed, to see if you can make minor tweaks/adjustments and maybe some improvements for the quarter ahead.

For me and on the exercise and endurance front, I have been keeping my head down with my training and food program over the last few months.  Training most days and fuelling on a plant based diet.  It's been going very well up to the last couple of weeks when out of the blue, I've been faced with an exacerbation of my MS symptoms often referred to as a relapse.  This is something I've had to get used to over the last ten years as I've adapted to living well with MS,  so hopefully it passes soon.  However on the whole my plan to date is going well, with the highlight getting through another marathon last weekend in Manchester - another wonderful experience.

Next weekend takes me to the West coast of Ireland, Conemmarra in Co. Galway - where I will be taking part in my first ever Ultra marathon experience.  An Ultra marathon is any distance over 26.2miles and the race I have entered is some 39.3miles. I'm hoping at this point that I make it to the start line which I think I will and then work to the plan I have outlined that will get me through the race and the day. All things being equal and with some luck I think I'll be running around seven hours to complete the course.

In preparation for this challenge, over the last few months I've been back out running a lot more and this combined with my gym work, cycling and swimming means I'm in decent physical condition going into next weekend. Like all endurance challenges, it's also very important to work on your mindset and this is also something I have been working hard on over the past few months.  This has included visualising the race, the distance, sorting out my nutrition plan and considering all possibilities that might raise their head next weekend.  It's all good, and mindset training is now part of my daily regime, so I'm certain I won't fall short in this department.

If you are lucky enough to be off work and away from the grind over the next few days, try and get some decent food into you and maybe at least thirty minutes of exercise every day.  The science available around eating good wholesome nutritious food and exercise is widely available, so try and use your time wisely and give your body and brain some ammunition to fight disease and keep you well.

Finally, you have most likely seen that there is a new look and feel to my website, which I hope you like. Over the years I've been working with a great team of designers in Journeyfor in Belfast, so thanks guys, you continue to raise the bar.  Also you will have noticed that I have just released my new book "Ironmind, Against All Odds".  This is also now available from the site.  Let me know what you think and if you have any questions around any of this.

Over the next few months I am going to be sharing a lot of new information on my site and I will also be starting up a new "guest blog feature".  This is where I will ask someone of note and influence to blog for me once a month so that you can all benefit from their expertise and experience in the field that they excel.  I will keep you posted on this.

Whatever you are up to this Easter, stay safe and stay healthy


Ultra Marathon training April 2017 #FOCUS

Ultra Marathon training April 2017 #FOCUS