Thank god that's the end of April. Let me explain, I've nothing against the month persay, however over the last four or five weeks my body came under some kind of attack probably as a result of the MS, and normal daily tasks that each of us tend to take for granted became very difficult. It also called a halt to my Ultra marathon race as feeling rough along with a calf strain resulted in me not being healthy enough to take part.  These things happen, and I've learned in life not to get too disappointed, as it's not the end of the world.  All it really means is I'll have to get my Ultra challenge in later on in the year, which is absolutely fine with me and something to look forward to.  The good news however is over the last few days I can feel my body start to recover and a lot of the symptoms that raised their head last month have settled and I am feeling much better.

The main reason for this blog however is to share with you my feedback on the new film that was released last month about food and its relationship to illness and disease.  Yes "What the Health" has been talked about now for quite some time as its really the follow on from the film makers first big hit "Conspiracy".  I watched "Conspiracy" a few months ago and I would certainly encourage any of you who are interested in food, disease and the environment to get yourself on netflix and have a look for yourself.  You may have heard of its executive producer, a Mr Leonardo Dicarpio the actor and also  very high profile environmentalist - it's a fantastic film so I highly recommend you tune into that also.  

So "What The Health" - it's sub title is the Health film the Health Industries don't want you to see, gives you an insight into what the film might be about.  For me I have been on my own journey with regards to food which is down to me trying to figure out what is the best way to fight my MS.  Over the last few years I've invested quite a bit of time to find the answers I need and that has lead me to now live on a plant based diet.  No meat or dairy products pass my lips and I came to this decision based on the scientific evidence that is available - THAT'S IF YOU WANT TO LOOK HARD ENOUGH TO FIND IT.  

Back to the film, and all I can say is its a pretty explosive production that gives the viewer an insight into food, in particular the meat and dairy industry and on a more concerning note, how those industries that are responsible for so much of our health problems, (proven by the science available), have literally bought the minds and souls of those running many of the worlds leading charity organisations that are involved with diabetes, cancer and many more - very disturbing indeed.

There is now so much evidence available for people to work all of this out and part of what I have committed to do with my own journey is try and get as much of this information out into the mainstream as possible.  For me the first documentary I watched was in this area was "Forks over Knives'.  It was watching this film that I took the decision to go plant based and I'm glad I was scrolling through Facebook that night where a pal of mind posted the link and advised anyone interested in their health to take a look.  Following watching "Forks over Knives" i was compelled to find out more information which lead me to another incredible film "Food Choices Documentary".  Over the last few months I have added some literature to my research and if you take April out of the equation, my overall health since I gave up medication and went on a plant based diet has been incredible.  

The worrying thing right now is that Cancer, diabetes, auto immune disease and many others are absolutely rampant in society.  There isn't a week goes by now that I have not heard of someone new being diagnosed with MS or I get an email from them or a family member looking advice.  The stats are telling us that more of us are getting sick and this is largely down to the environment we all keep.  Your environment being what we eat, drink, where we live and how we think and interact with people

So if you are interested in this thread in any way, I would encourage you to watch this new film and also the others mentioned above.  I really believe people need to take MASSIVE ACTION now if they are to avoid contracting disease.

One of the chaps who has influenced me greatly in the last two years, Mr Rich Roll, regularly states, that everything starts and ends with what we put on our plate.  Now that I am actually properly informed on food and nutrition, this position is getting harder to argue with.


The new film is a must see for anyone interested in their health

The new film is a must see for anyone interested in their health