Today seen the start of my triathlon season, with the Firmus spirit triathlon up in Derry.  It was an early start with the Alarm shouting at me from 5.30am, and by the time i was registered, got all my gear to transition and into the wetsuit, it felt like I had a days work done.

It was a welcome reminder as to why I have fallen in love with this sport, as a good friend said to me a few years ago its 70% mental and 30% physical which I agree with.  Trying to master one sporting code can be tricky enough, but three, well it takes a lot of discipline, commitment, enthusiasm and downright doggedness to get there.  I am still working on all of this by the way.

The race was due to start at 8.30am sharp and around 8.10am the heavens opened which made it fairly miserable for all involved. Then again most people accept that the triathlon tribe are hardy breeds and there was nothing but smiles and friendship on show up in Derry today.

One of the other reasons I fell for this sport is the fact that everyone you meet has a story to tell.  We had a 10 minute walk to the start of the swim today and I found myself chatting away to Brian from Longford who was doing his third triathlon of the season.  The interesting thing about Brian was that he was a mere 67years young, and had a stent fitted in his heart two years ago.  I tell you now, it was worth even turning up in Derry this morning to hear Brians inspirational story. Getting into the water I had a few minute conversation with a chap called Noel from Newry.  Noel was 65, a project manager and had just finished the full Barcelona Ironman last month in under 11.30hrs.  Absolutely incredible, and fair play lads, thanks for that.

So off we went into the River Foyle and today thankfully I had a strong swim.  Nice and easy focusing on my technique trying to stay out of trouble. Easier said than done I might add, as there are hundreds of people in a small area of water at the same time.  But I got through the 750metre swim in just under twenty minutes, and made my way to transition to get the wetsuit off, and the bike out of transition to start the twelve mile cycle.  The bike is the most challenging part of triathlon for me, as I simply don't train enough on it and today it was tough as the wind and the rain simply weren't playing ball.  Thankfully I dug in and got home safe on the bike and back to transition, for a quick change into the running gear and straight out for the three mile run to finish. The run in Derry is beautiful and I was feeling very strong throughout.  After ninety minutes I crossed the finish line and received my medal. I was delighted to get another TRI on the board and also very thankful that I was healthy enough to get through todays race.

The lesson I took from today from Brian and Noel, was that no matter what age you are, how you are feeling, what your circumstances are in life, its up to each of us to design our own lives.  All of us have millions of reasons to not do things, with couldn't be arsed right up there at the top of the pile.

What I know is that through exercising regularly and eating highly nutritious food, I have been able to get my body and my mind into a really good place.  A place really that the bookmakers say I shouldn't be in - but sure what would they know.

As the Summer is now here, it's time for me to continue to work to my plan, and If I do this I know that everything that I am doing in my life right now can only benefit, including building my business, being a positive influence on my children and those around me, and achieving my goals I set for myself in December 2016.

Today Brian and Noel really inspired me to continue on with this journey and lets see where it takes me. Have a great week all.


Derry Triathlon 2017 

Derry Triathlon 2017 

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