Did you know that one third of the entire planets population is now recorded as being obese?  This morning as I was making my way into work, two pieces of information disturbed me 1) 23% of children in N Ireland are now living in poverty 2) 30% of children in N Ireland are now obese.  I have to tell you that both of these stats have been running through my mind all day, its pretty depressing, there is no other way to put it.

The poverty gap is widening and I've been on record now for years through our debt business  GDP EQUITY EXPERTS, stating that generally in society right now, people fall into one of these three categories; 1) those who have plenty of money 2) those running out of money and 3) those who have ran out of money.  For the last seven years I've seen and met with hundreds of people/families/business owners, and the bottom line is, most are living month to month, trying to pay bills and provide for their families. The bad news being this trend is not likely to change anytime soon as we work our way through an austerity program, Brexit on the horizon and politically, we are in a state of paralysis.  Pretty grim would be a fair assessment of where we find ourselves currently.

In relation to the obesity stat, its important also to understand that 38% of adults living in Ireland are also classed as being obese, so you can see the trend that if a child is overweight and obese, its likely this trend will continue into adult life.  For the last ten years i've listened to local politicians and people from the medical world argue over the airwaves about our healthcare system, waiting lists, running out of hospital beds etc etc. There has been report after report, minister after minister, and excuse after excuse, the whole discussion generally based around managing a crisis, with nobody as far as I can see, being brave enough our astute enough to talk about the elephant in the room..... FOOD.

Over twenty years ago I stood outside Conway's shop in Cooktown waiting for my school bus to take me to Dungannon.  Those were the days and I can tell you the crack on that bus to and from school was mighty.  However what I am getting to here is those same children who are making that journey to and from Dungannon today, now have to pass a Mc Donalds and KFC restaurant at the bottom of the town, four times each day.  Over the last two months I have been going home on a Saturday to visit my parents and religiously I go out for a cycle or a run as its now a huge part of my life and just what I do.  I make it my business to pass both these so called restaurants just to see how they are trading.  The facts are on every occasion they are full to the rafters with children and parents flat out enjoying their NOT SO HAPPY MEALS.  Even better news is that Mc Donalds even have the most up to date iPads just so the children can have as much fun as possible as they fill you and your children full of their lovely processed unhealthy rubbish food.  The point I am making here is that given what we now know about the science available to us around the food we eat and its connection to illness, the statistics around obesity, the fact heart disease,  diabetes, cancer, auto immune disease are now all directly related to what we are eating, I think someone has to start and call this how it is.

Donald Trump is certainly not my cup of tea at all, and I've no time for a lot of what he stands for, however the one thing that drew millions of Americans to him is that he speaks his mind.  He doesnt care what the establishment thinks and shoots from the hip. In this context it's a pretty admirable trait.

As recent as last week I heard a healthcare discussion on the radio about waiting lists and needing/ investment, more money, blah blah blah - the bottom line is this.  Unless there is a complete root and branch overview as to how us as humans eat and fuel ourselves, there is going to be no ease up in any of our hospital beds or waiting lists any time soon.  More and more of us are getting sick, disease is steadily increasing, and our young people are contracting all kinds of illnesses a lot younger in life.  

In the United States, there is now a growing number of doctors, highly regarded medical professionals and other people who are hugely influential who are calling this and trying to advise people around nutrition, how they fuel and avoid illness.  The problem we have in this part of the world is that we do not have the same high profile people of influence  creating awareness in this regard or speaking out.  Huge pharmaceutical companies have jumped into bed with many of our charity organisations, and big agricultural conglomerates have invested billions to make sure we continue to see the same crap (food), right across the media network and drive-thru so called restaurants at the entrance and exit to every town in Ireland.

This topic is something I feel very strongly about as I have been trying to manage my own Multiple Sclerosis over the last eleven years.  The interesting part of my story is that it's only when I started to change my diet and combined this with exercise, did my MS symptoms start to subside.  Dr Roy Swank ran a trial that lasted over twenty years with MS patients.  He found that those who greatly reduced their levels of saturated fat intake, had much better outcomes whilst living with MS.  Off course the establishment have tried to discredit this work, but others like Dr Jelinek and his colleagues have lots of science now to back up a lot of Swanks findings.  

Four years ago I gave up dairy and last year I decided to give up meat and now I fuel only on a plant based diet.  My children are the same and at the point of writing, the three of us are now thriving health wise. Its been an incredible turn of events and one I am passionate about sharing.

The bottom line is that it's up to you to improve your own health and to educate yourself around how to achieve optimum health.  If you have a big enough reason to explore this, then that is what you will do.  For me given the platform I now have, I will continue to share resources and information that I have available to me which I think might have a positive impact on you and your family.

Have a think about those two stats Ive referred to tonight, and think about your own life and what you could do that would allow you to 1) make better choices in life which in turn will in turn, 2) will lead you and your family to leading a healthier happier life.


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