Feeling Good

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

I have learned over the past few years the huge benefits that come into all aspects of your life if you apply yourself and commit to a healthy lifestyle. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people you hear say they would love to be fit, exercise more, eat more nutritious food etc. However unfortunately most people I've also met, do not have the discipline in their lives to implement the required regime.

The bottom line being people are not prepared to make the necessary sacrifices that lead to a healthy lifestyle, preferring to stay in their comfort zones, doing same old same old, and ultimately ending up becoming ill. My message to people is simple - "Don't be like me and wait to you're sick to you make the change.  Make the change today !!"

In order for me to beat Multiple Sclerosis, I had a number of decisions to make, the first and most important being to completely change the way I was living my life. This meant a lot of sacrifices had to be made, however over the past few years as my body went on a pathway of recovery, it has been worth all of the effort. The food and drink you put into your body gives you the energy to work and play every single day. Does it not make sense then that the healthier your diet is, the more nutritious your fuel is, the better you will feel and the more likely it will be that you will go on and realise your own potential. 

"A lifestyle designed around good nutrition and exercise will allow you to realise your potential"





If it's good for your health, it's probably good for your Multiple Sclerosis too. That's why diet and exercise play key roles in people living with MS. It is very important that good eating habits become part of your routine. MS patient's bodies have a lot more to put up with due to the attacks of inflammation, so it's vital that that you try to put as much healthy food into your body as possible, particularly the auto inflammatory food sources.

A common sense approach to eating healthy works for me. You cannot completely control the MS but you completely control what you put into your mouth.

After years of research into this area most of the specialists I now follow, recommend that people with MS should consider following a diet low in saturated fat and cholestrol combined with a high intake of vegetables and food types, complimentary to brain health.  Dr Roy Swank's research into diet and nutrition is highly regarded in this area and if you were to have a look at that along with studying the recomendations of the excellent Dr. George Jelinek (Overcoming MS) you wouldn't be far away in terms of working out the optimum way to fuel whilst living with MS. Since 2016 I have been on a plant based whole food diet (no meat, no dairy) and I can honestly say that I am experiencing the best period of health in eleven years living with MS.  For me people with MS have to work a lot harder to be healthy, and in terms of my own journey living well with MS, the road to recovery starts with what we all put on our plates.  Food for thought!!


Lunch Fave

* Chili Non Carne with basmati rice
*Sweet potato soup with kale and beet salad
* Vegetable Curry with gluten free bread 




Exercise in any form is good.

All of the most up to date science now clearly states that It is so important that you get involved in some form of exercise. If you have multiple sclerosis exercise can help retain flexibility and balance, promote cardiovascular fitness and a sense of wellbeing. This helps prevent complications from inactivity.

I train at least 4 times a week, every week, no matter how terrible I feel. The strange thing I find is that if I am feeling awful, after my session in the gym, or a run, I feel a lot better. Remember MS is a very personal thing and no two people are the same. Work out what is best for you, however I am advocating you bring exercise into your weekly routine. A common sense approach to exercise is always recommended and important you speak with your GP and physio.