My new book - Ironmind, against all odds

Conor Devine’s life changed forever after sitting in a neurologist’s office for seven minutes in 2007. At twenty-eight years old he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, advised to stop playing his beloved football and told to give up his job. Over the next four years he struggled with every aspect of life as his debilitating symptoms took hold. In 2010 Devine made a decision to fight back against his illness to get his life, body and mind back. He did this through embracing a vigorous exercise campaign along with completely changing his diet and approach to food.

During a goal-setting session at Christmas 2014, the author came up with an Against All Odds campaign comprising a training programme that would see him complete two marathons, two triathlons, a half Ironman and a full Ironman triathlon in twenty weeks. An Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, an 112-mile bike and a full marathon, and it’s internationally recognised as one of the most severe endurance races on the planet. In this book Conor explains the training programme he adopted, the importance of nutrition and the key ingredients to developing an iron mindset. Wherever you are in your own life right now, there is no doubt that this truly inspirational account will encourage, inspire and motivate you to go on and achieve your goals in life. This is a very personal account of how one man overcame significant adversity to become an Ironman against all odds.

AMAZON REVIEW "An exceptionally very well written book. A guy who regardless of the challenges he faced, nothing was going to stop him moving forward and achieving what he set out to do. I am on my own journey and this book pulled me in right from the start, I couldn't put it down. I drew some inspiration from this book and I'm sure many others will do to" *****



Attitude is Everything

In 2006 I was struck down by a mystery illness whilst on my honeymoon in Mauritius. Twelve months later I was diagnosed with a very debilitating neurological condition called Multiple Sclerosis. My world fell apart and over the course of the next two years I struggled to cope with my illness both physically and more so mentally. Then one day I decided to fight back, take control of my MS, take control of my life and start to dream again.

In this book I share with you the three ingredients I have combined which have enabled me not only to manage my MS symptoms, but to also get stronger and start competing in sport again - quite incredible. I am very proud today to share my story with others and hopefully inspire them to do the same. You see attitude is a small thing which makes a big difference. I encourage everyone to believe in themselves and apply themselves to whatever situation you find yourself in and remember, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.


I was diagnosed with MS just over a year ago and really only those who have been there can really understand your story. Thankfully in this book, Conor shares his story with us and he writes with great honesty and clearly from the heart. I kept thinking over and over hey that’s how I feel or felt at last someone understands. But what is the most powerful about the book is how Conor has turned his life with MS on its head. His positive attitude has seen him take control of his diet and fitness and ultimately taken control of his MS. He proves that Attitude is Everything, when it comes to living life to its fullest even if you never had MS. Make sure those who are close to you read the book too it will give them great insight into life with MS but most importantly it will them strength and hope.
— Amazon review - Yvonne
I have the condition M.S. that Conor Writes his story about. This book really motivated and inspired me, to take up new activities and be more positive about life and my health
— Amazon review - E.N. Berry
Such a great read from a very inspiring individual.

I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury a few years ago which is how I can relate to the book to a certain extent. Really glad I purchased the book because it was a joy to read from start to finish. Goes into great detail from the start about what happened and how things progressed and how his life has completely turned around due to an amazing positive attitude and a zest for life. Individuals that have Multiple Sclerosis, other forms of mental/physical problems or even individuals with full health would really benefit from reading this book because you will learn that with having a positive attitude and belief in what you are trying to achieve, anything is possible.

What an amazing, powerful read.
— Amazon review - Shane